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Destiny's Forge To Taste The Dragon's Blood The Blood of The Red Dragon The Queen's Marksman
A Pirate's Daughter Nagrasanti Written In Blood Swords of The Dragon's Blood
A Bad Night In Soledad The Mystery of Cranewood Manor Tap Root


A Book of Five Rings APGSMMusashi The 10% Solution TMIFF20th Century
Princ of Publ ITDA2.0 In My Considered Opinion

Where the author will be:

Aug 19-23 WorldCon 73 Spokane, WA

Sept 4-6 Fandom Verse Expo Lancaster, CA

Nov 27-29 LosCon 42 Los Angeles, CA


Feb 12-14 Gallifrey One Los Angeles, CA

Feb 26-28 Condor XXIII San Diego, CA

May 13-15 Whedonopolis
A celebration of all things Joss Whedon - Burbank, CA

More shows will be added to this calendar as they are planned.

Star Talk Radio
Star Trek: Phase II
Warped Space SciFi
IBPA Assoc of Independent Authors

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