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Legends of
The Dragon's Blood series:

The Path of The Red Dragon

The Legacy of Mars

Destiny's Forge

The Queen's Marksman

A Pirate's Daughter


A Journey Written In Blood

A Bad Night In Soledad


The Mystery of Cranewood Manor


The Curse of The Missing Masterpiece

A Time of Blood And Roses

The Ellie and Juliet Children's Series


A Book of Five Rings:
A Practical Guide To Strategy
by Miyamoto Musashi

History And Revolution

The Most Important Science Fiction
Films of The 20th Century:
Vol 1  ♦  Vol 2  ♦  Vol 3

Feast Or Famine

The Wonder of Space And Time

Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century:
The Early Years  ♦  The 1940s

1950-1954  ♦  1955-1956  ♦  1957


Coming soon:
The 1960s  ♦  The 1970s

The 1980s  ♦  The 1990s
Principles of Publishing
In The Digital Age: 5th Edition

Alchemy Through The Ages

The Eternal Detective:
Sherlock Holmes In Film and Television

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