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Legends of The Dragon's Blood - A series of science fiction adventure novels featuring alien vampires who come from a planet called Antellus, located somewhere in the Cygnus constellation. Each book relates the adventures of their descendents, some of whom traveled to Earth in the remote past, and who were caught in the middle of historical events they have witnessed. The common theme of the vampire as hero is at the center of each story. Click on this link to see more details.


  The Mystery of Cranewood Manor
When a wealthy heiress goes missing, her father hires famed private investigators Val Saxon and Laura Hampstead to search for her. The clues lead them to Maine and a castle overlooking the sea. The owner is a man who dabbles in the occult, and was the last one to see the missing woman alive. But as the investigation moves from the dark arts into the realm of murder, a man with a dark secret of his own helps them to solve the case.

PRINT: Catalog no. 09
114 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" paperback
ISBN 9781732531253 $12.99
Ebook: $3.99



A science fiction/horror short story.
A scientist visits a colleague and discovers that his friend's obsession has turned into a nightmare.
Ebook only:
Catalog no. 11
email delivery. $3.99


  The Curse of The Missing Masterpiece 2020
Private consulting detectives Val Saxon and Laura Hampstead are summoned to the local branch of the State Dept., where they learn that a valuable painting by the notable artist Oskar Lubachenko has been stolen from the Russian consulate in New York.

The Adventures of Ellie and Juliet 2021
A proposed series of children's books involving two main characters: Ellie Brader and Juliet Jefferson, who live on a quiet residential block in Everytown, Anystate, USA. Each book explores their world, and they share their adventures with other children from their neighborhood. They are always trying to solve a mystery in each book. Each book will be written and ilustrated by Theresa M. Moore, and come as standard 8.5 x 11 hardcover volumes. Other books in this series are in the planning stages.

The first title will be Ellie and Juliet Find Some Beads, which will include a short history of beads threaded throughout. Ellie and Juliet come upon a bracelet in the grass at a park, which they take to the police. The mystery is to find the owner of the bracelet and return it.

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