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8.8.20 As you have seen, I have streamlined the top banner a bit more with more information on the front page. This is to leave more room for book covers and I am contemplating reducing the size of each cover toward that end.
     In the course of our research for movies of the two years 1965-1966, we have found more films which almost escaped from the Wikipedia list, and others will be purged because they do not qualify for inclusion, or we cannot find them anywhere to watch. Of those, most are foreign films coming from Czechoslovakia or the USSR. After a while, I may have to decide whether to put the two years together or divide them apart again. More news about this later.
     Today I found out that a movie I had been anticipating would come out this year, did come out but was taken down again. That one was Axanar, the professionally produced Star Trek fan film coming out of Ares Studios. I was notified of each stage of the film's production over time, and was eager to find a chance to watch it completed. Apparently, there were issues with the production involving money, since it was crowdfunded by fans and film mavens alike, and also CBS and Paramount sued the studio for producing a professionaly made film using their intellectual property. Rather than allow it to appear on YouTube, they had it blocked. I did not know about the issues with the producers, since I kept seeing them reporting on its production on a consistent basis. But the lead producer and owner of the studio was accused of spending the production money on personal needs. I am hoping that this issue gets resolved and I get to see the film in its entirety.
     More news about books later. ♦

7.22.20 Work has begun on 1965, and it turns out that there were not enough movies in that year to publish the book, so I have expanded it into 1966. So that means some research involved, so I don't anticipate publishing it until August or September.
     Meanwhile, work on A Bad Night In Soledad is in preparation. I don't expect to publish that until the end of October. ♦

7.21.20 As part of my efforts to make the mobile app more navigable, I have grouped my series into folders with the main pages directing to the product pages for the books. This way, I can expand as needed, and you don't have to scroll down forever to see each book. Thanks for your patience. ♦

7.20.20 It is now the 51st anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
      Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1962 - 1964 is now published and available for sale. Work on 1965 (which is a whole volume unto itself) will commence on the 21st. I just need some time to organize my work schedule, and back to work I go. ♦

7.10.20 Alexander And Lucien In Western Europe and Alexander And Lucien In France are published and available as of today, completing the quintology. I have also prepared two volumes of Alexander And Lucien for those who want to read bigger and thicker books, but I won't publish them until I see a demand for them.
      I am almost finished with Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1962 - 1964 and hope to have it published sometime after July 15.
     It's amazing how much work I have done now that I am self isolating. I have ordered masks in case I have to leave the house, but so far I have not had to. Meanwhile, the news is not good; the crazy partying of the holiday weekend has contributed to the rising number of cases. All I can do is sit around, work, and wait for the pandemic to be over. ♦

6.16.20 Alexander And Lucien In The Far East is published, and I have gone on to publish Alexander And Lucien In The Middle East. The third installment of this series, Alexander And Lucien In Europe is in the hopper and I hope to have it published soon. It's going rather fast as I edit and proofread. Later, I will probably publish the full novel, but it is standing at 386 pages so far. If I can find a way to integrate the sections and make it shorter I will let you know. ♦

6.10.20 What with everything which has been going on, including daily protest marches and controversies surrounding police procedures, I have been able to make some headway with 1962 - 1964. I hope to complete it by the end of this month. In the process of researching these films I have also had to glean some films from the list because they were not really science fiction, but horror films about murder involving doctors caught up in crime.
      I have set up Alexander And Lucien In The Far East for publishing, but have not been notified when the galley is ready to publish. As soon as it is processed I will place it for sale.
      A note about the 1960-1961 book: I found a typo in the PayPal buttons and have corrected them. ♦

6.4.20 At last, 1960 - 1961 is published and available for sale. I am already working on a new book, 1962 - 1964, which covers 3 years instead of 4 because there were so few films on the list for each year.
     I am also working on publishing a series of 5 books in the Legends of The Dragon's Blood series called "Alexander And Lucien". These adventures will be historical/science fiction, taking place in the 17th century. I may publish a full novel later, but I think there may be too much to read all at once.
      I am watching the protests across the world, and I note that several changes in policy as regards law enforcement are already taking place. I continue to self-isolate for the Coronavirus pandemic until my governor issues an all clear. I hope you are well and you have also taken steps to keep yourself and your family protected from this insidious disease. More news later. ♦

5.13.20 I have now added Square to my payment methods for those who do not like PayPal and prefer to buy things one at a time. Just use the buttons as indicated. The buttons will take you to Square's Checkout Page, where you can use any card you like to pay for things. Meanwhile, I expect to add Stripe at some point, though I have had difficulties with them. Square is much easier and simpler to use.
     I am looking at several sites for distribution to other ebook hosting sites. More news about this later. ♦

5.5.20 Happy Cinco de Mayo! As it turned out, the coding for the css sheet turned out to be bogus. I went back from pixels to points for the fonts, and as you see, some features of the site are looking the way they should. It looks like whoever was tutoring people about HTML 5 made a mistake. So now, in a few hours things should look good, and Google will be happy. ♦

4.30.20 If the type looks really big to you, it's because Google is once more dunning me on the head about how the site looks to a 40 inch television screen. I have boosted the sizes of fonts once again to satisfy their requests, but I am not doing it again. They will just have to accept whatever I give them, because I have done this many times and they are not happy. It's their problem.
     It looks like 1960 - 1961 will not be published until early May, at the rate I am going. Then, on to some other books I put on the back burner. ♦

4.23.20 After another day of some frustration, I decided to unpublish the series on Amazon as that could trigger some confusion, since only offering some ebooks of the series would be counterproductive. I am offering them here on the site only. It would appear that the subject matter, while compiled and composed by me, is too close to what is "freely available" on the internet. So I cannot find distribution for them unless I shell out $$$ apiece. It is clearly not worth the effort.
     I have chosen to segregate series which have more than 3 books apiece into separate pages, as their listing on the main pages takes up too much room. I would prefer that to making people scroll through a long page of listings.

4.22.20 Happy Earth Day. I am busy trying to put ebook versions of my books on Kindle, but am encountering some difficulty with them. Apparently, the nonfiction ebooks are either being blocked or go live in a few minutes, then are blocked later. This presents a problem with one of my series. If I cannot publish them for Kindle, I might as well give up. I don't think it's no more than an inconvenience, since the ebooks are also available here. They will not import to Kindle, but that's Amazon's problem, not mine. They are creating the roadblock on their own, but I think Amazon is having problems with all their products right now. If I can't surmount the obstacle I will just ignore Amazon and continue selling through other venues.
     Meanwhile, work on 1960 - 1961 continues. ♦

4.17.20 My, what a few days can do to bookselling. I have just published The Queen's Marksman and The Pirate's Pledge AND The Childen of The Night. That was fast. Despite gloomy predictions about book sales in general, I have been more busy than in the last year. Self-isolation helps, and I don't miss the outside as much as I thought. The next project is to finish 1960 - 1961 for publication later this month. Then, finish setting up Alexander And Lucien (working title) and publish those by early May. I am still wavering over the titles until I can find something suitable for each. So I am not bored, and can expect some sales to start ramping up in June or July, I hope. ♦

4.13.20 I have just published Destiny's Forge: the novel and am on track with The Queen's Marksman and The Pirate's Pledge. Meanwhile, work proceeds apace with 1960 - 1961. I don't know what publication dates there will be, but if the gods will it, it ought to come out later this month. Meanwhile, I have gone into Bowker and discovered that books I marked available somehow got relegated to "not yet available". I have corrected this and the books should be available on bookseller sites, soon. More news later. ♦

4.10.20 Good news. The print on demand service at Ingram is still up and running, so I am posting new books as I go. I am slowly catching up with publishing. I still can't guarantee timely delivery, however, as the shippers are slowing down thanks to the outbreak so far. If you will be patient, I will be able to get the books to you, and you can order them from other stores, that is, if they have not closed down. More news later. ♦

4.6.20 It looks at this point like there is no going around it. I have 3 books ready to print and another on the way to finishing, and there is no way to upload and expect to get the books to my printer. Aside from that, the mayor of my town has instituted a lockdown on traveling. One can no longer go out of the house and visit the grocery store or the post office. so the only thing I can do is to keep working from home and my printing service is offering POD, but Barnes & Noble has closed its stores temporarily, and Amazon has put books on the back burner. I have no choice now but to finish or start the books I had anticipated writing through the rest of the year. Ordinarily this would make me happier, but I don't like the direction the outbreaks are taking. For now, I can offer ebooks because I can transmit them via email. This way there is no physical contact to worry about. Sorry about this, but I have no control over the situation. You take care, now, and I hope to see you on the other side. ♦

3.21.20 Happy Equinox wherever you are. In the last week or so, I have struggled to figure out what to do about the coronavirus pandemic. First of all, it was quite a surprise, since no one in the U.S. were informed about it until February. China sat on the news for 2 or 3 months before they finally acknowledged that the virus had broken out. I learned that apparently a wild animal market in Wuhan was the origin, and that was from eating raw bats. Raw Bats. Eewwww. I know, you are probably thinking that I should not criticize, since I readily eat sushi or sashimi. But those things are prepared in a safe and relatively sterile environment. We have no idea how the bats were prepared for eating, but it looks like no one examined them for any contagion. Now it's too late.
     The second problem is the publishing schedule for the 3 books I just mentioned in a previous post. It is now 3/21 and that was my projected deadline. Now, I must postpone everything in the hopper for yet another month or so, so I can only say they are Coming soon. Sorry about that. As soon as I am certain they can be published (since my printing service may have to shelter in place) I will post them as published. Otherwise, all bets are up in the air. More news later. ♦

3.02.20 I have been working on getting my images under control on the site while I update work on the 3 books mentioned below. I am about halfway through one of them, while the others are just waiting for an edit. ♦

2.26.20 Due to a situation beyond my control, I have pushed everything back a month. So Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960 - 1961 won't be published until March 15th or so, and so will be Destiny's Forge and The Queen's Marksman.
     I am also keeping an eye on the coronavirus epidemic, which they say is threatening to become a pandemic. While it may not affect me directly, many public buildings and schools have been closed and there is the general fear of contracting the disease, because the pathogen is airborne. So I may not leave the house for a while. I hope the doctors get this thing under control soon, but it appears a vaccine will not be available for several months.
     More news later. ♦

2.13.20 This month, I am still working on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960 - 1961 while I have been dunned to issue the complete novel of Destiny's Forge, for those who prefer the entire book all at once. I had separated it into a trilogy, but maybe that was not such a good idea. The middle book of the trilogy is selling better than the other two books. The first one has not sold more than a copy or two. So, back to the drawing board.
     Meanwhile, I anticipate publishing The Queen's Marksman later this month. More news later. ♦

1.15.20 Now that all details have been finished, Destiny's Forge: The Dreadnought and Destiny's Forge: Dragonhold are now published. Work on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960 - 1961 is still in progress.
     I have sent a few of these books on to The Eaton Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy at UC Riverside for inclusion in their library, in keeping with a long standing pledge to send any and all science fiction book I write to complete their collection. At the moment, the collection consists of about 100,000 books and magazines along with various other artifacts from science fiction films and television shows. I suggest you look it up and read about this amazing collection.
     Next on my list will be The Queen's Marksman, which can stand a new edit. I had played around briefly about changing the title, but I find that this one is unique and stands alone. I anticipate publishing it in early February. More details will come later. ♦

1.08.20 Incidental to a rearrangement of books on the catalog, I have changed the title for NAGRASANTI to The Children of The Night since I am now using the original title as the new trademark for my other site. And work has begun on Destiny's Forge: The Dreadnought. It will be in a smaller format and will be published sometime later this month. ♦

1.07.20 Upon investigating the delay in shipment of one of my galley proofs, I discovered that the turnaround time for printing has slowed significantly, so that a single copy of a book may not be shipped out for two weeks. I am told that this is because of the weather where the printing plant is. The snow and ice in that area has been responsible for several severe accidents on the road, plane delays, and so on. So I can only wait around and twiddle my thumbs. I apologize for any such delay even though I really can't do anything about it.
     Meanwhile, I have begun the work on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960 - 1961 and I anticipate finishing it by middle to late January. Why 2 years? Because there were not enough films in each year to fill out a decent sized book. It seems that there was a significant slowdown of production, after the explosion of films in 1959. This was the same case as with 1955-1956. After this, I am not sure what will happen with 1962, because at the moment I am only focused on the beginning of the decade. ♦

1.06.20 As it turned out, navigation throughout the site was hampered by the mysterious dropoff of various important links and other items. We have fixed this. Thanks for your attention. ♦

1.03.20 I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Welcome once again to our blog. Today, I am in the process of redating our copyrights on each page and cleaning up errors found in the process.
    Some updates to our books have been made, including my writing schedule. I plan to begin work on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960 in the next couple of weeks. I am also working on Destiny's Forge: The Dreadnought, which will appear sooner than that. As you will see on the other pages, the publishing schedule has been extended a bit so I will have a small break between books. I'm only human, and I refuse to publish until all the details are cleared up and set properly. I will post more progress reports as are necessary. ♦

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