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12.28.19 It took me a week to recode the pages for both sites. It turned out that the PayPal buttons were configured in such a way that the selection options showed as too tiny (about 4 point type) to work with. I had to basically strip out the options and recode with all new singular buttons for each variation. I agreed with Google on that. If my customers are bothered by something like that I can see the advantage of single buttons anyway.
     Meanwhile, 1959 is published on schedule. I am now preparing to edit/publish my next fiction book and my next volume in Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1960, which I will be working on in January.
     I hope you had a happy Christmas/Hannukah holiday, and that you have a great New Year. ♦

12.6.19 - As it is, the response from Stripe was somewhat helpful, but it only confirmed that the coding was faulty. We have gone back to PayPal as a result. Since Stripe only works in Javascript, I realized that the buttons would not have worked anyway. PayPal is much easier to code and their shopping cart is already integrated with the buttons. In order to integrate with Stripe I would have to code an entire shopping cart myself. This is not what they promised.
     There is now a smart button on PayPal, but it does not look attractive, it works in Javascript and it creates a degree of complexity which I am sure you don't want. The simpler buttons work well to do basically the same thing. So I hope you will enjoy the PayPal buttons because they are easier to work with. I am relaunching the site. If by chance you find a button does not match what the item id is, please let me know.
     I have also moved the publishing schedule for the whole library back a month, because I am still working with Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1959 and want to meet my publishing schedule for that. After that, I'll take a break and see what needs to be put on the front burner.

12.5.19 - As luck would have it, I have recoded some things and discovered that none of our buy buttons worked. We have been in communication with Stripe to fix the problem. It has been this way for months and, as I have been busy trying to make the site more navigable, I have been forced to take the catalog down for a few days. If it turns out that a remedy is not available, I may be forced to go back to PayPal, since it was ridiculously easy to code a button there that did work. Stripe was an attempt to make the products easy to pay for. As with all other javascript sites, their coding protocols are extremely complex. After examining the code reference provided, I could not figure out why the buttons did not work anyway. In the meantime, the site will stay down until the problem is solved. My books are available on the Facebook page, where you can purchase the books free of obstacles.
     This has been an extremely frustrating learning experience. I hope to have the site back up and running smoothly in a few days. As a result, Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1959 may not be published until sometime after the Christmas holiday.

11.21.19 - Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1959 is in progress now, but I have also published several other books in the meantime. One is The Wonder of Space & Time, a compendium of past illustrations I created during the 1980s and on. The other is the 1st installment of Destiny's Forge, called "Arrival". They are currently available for sale. A third is Principles of Publishing In The Digital Age: 5th Edition, which will replace the current edition.
      At the pace I am running, I hope to have other titles in the hopper published by the end of the year.

10.25.19 1958 was published on Friday 10/18, and is available for purchase now.
     I have had to remove all PayPal buttons from the site owing to several issues with their payment processing service. Also, they denied me a claim against funds which I asked a refund for, but was denied for no reason whatsoever. I supplied them with evidence for my claim but they ignored me. Therefore, we're not using PayPal anymore. But I have been able to establish a Stripe account for processing credit/debit card payments. They appear to be more straightforward in their approach to maintaining good record keeping.
     I hope to have 1959 in the works in the next week or so, to be published in mid November if all goes well. More news later.

10.10.19 We're on track to publish 1958 sometime in mid October, despite having to correct some coding on another site. I have also made some changes to the coding for the mobile app for the same reason. If you have seen any other navigational errors I would appreciate it if you would post me a note.

9.30.19 In addition to the changes in the catalog, I have posted photos to our Facebook page and promoted The Legacy of Mars there. After some researches, I have designed the cover to The Pirate's Pledge, which may not come out until November. 1958-1959 will probably not be published and available for sale until mid October. More news later

9.21.19 Today I have designed new book covers for the new titles. The links are posted as relevant. I will be working on the interior manuscripts over the next few months and publishing the books as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, I am returning to finishing 1958-1959 before the month goes away. More news later.

9.20.19 Good news! The Legacy of Mars is finished and has been published. It is now available for sale. Please take a look. Thanks.
     Meanwhile, I have fixed the navigation on the book pages, and rearranged some things. This includes finding new titles for some of the books, since the old titles were conflicting with other authors' books. I have chosen titles which more closely matched their subjects, and I want them to stand out in search. I have also fixed the navigation for the phone app which matches the navigation for the rest of the site. You should not have any problems with that from now on. If you do, I suggest you contact us and point out the problem.

9.17.19 I have been spending some time, almost a month, building a feed for the Google Merchant Center. It turns out that it was a complete waste of time. It turns out that the feed was meant to link to a Google ad, and they can be expensive. It was not so much the idea that I had to advertise with Google but the way they kept bringing up errors which did not match with my corrections. One chief error was my not linking my account to Google Ads, which meant that I was not going to have my products listed anyway. I have closed my account with them and don't plan to reapply soon.
     Meanwhile, because of this huge delay, work on 1958-1959 was suspended. I won't be doing that again. I hope to have the book finished by the end of this month. But I won't be holding my breath.
     In addition to that, I am working on the next Legends of The Dragon's Blood book, The Legacy of Mars. I am almost finished editing and hope to have it published next week.

8.30.19 Today I am doing no further business with Barnes & Noble Press, since they have recorded no sales since I joined them. Some of the ebooks I published had been there since 2018. It is clear that BN Press is no longer attached to the main operation. My experience with Draft2Digital has been similar so far, so it looks like ebooks are dead for now in the broader market. Please remember that the ebooks are available for sale here, so you don't have to go anywhere else to get a good read.
     Meanwhile, work has been suspended for more coding, which has started because the original layout of the site has been the correct one. I am not taking anymore advice from so-called web experts from now on. This will take some time, so the book has been pushed back into September. More news later.

8.18.19 I have added our hours of operation to the site so that there can be no expectation of immediate response. This is primarily because there are limitations to the system I have established here. For a one person operation such as myself, I do have to eat and sleep, write, and in other ways act like a human being.
     Work on the new book, 1958-1959 has begun. I anticipate it should not take long this time, as coding has been put aside for now.

8.8.19 I have published my products to Google Shopping. It took about a week to code the xml feed properly, which delayed everything so far. I have rearranged some things on the site so it won't be quite so full of links to books which are not to be published until sometime later this year into the next 2 years. I have posted all the titles, but no links until they are closer to publication.

8.6.19 1957 is published! You can order it now if you have not already.
     My next project is The Legacy of Mars, the 2nd installment in my Legends of The Dragon's Blood series. More details on the page.
     I will resume work on 1958 as soon as I can get that cleared out of the way. I am trying to move fast but I refuse to publish something hastily prepared. So, maybe mid to late August.

8.4.19 I have published 1957, but it won't be available until Monday or Tuesday thanks to somoe revisions I had to make. Feel free to order it now if you wish. As soon as it is available I will ship it out. I am in the process of making ebook formats for it.
     Let me take this opportunity to record my comments about a situation which is both upsetting and unavoidable. I am talking about the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio, in which an active shooter had killed a lot of people and injured dozens of others. I notice that both shooters were white males. One was about 21 years old, and no details are yet available about the other, but I am certain that they have been radicalized by the man who sits in the White House, who can't seem to keep his mouth shut about who's on top and who is not.
     He sits there in the oval office and tweets his praise of white supremacists and makes racist comments about people he doesn't know. He prefers to attack from the shelter of his position rather than come out and face the people he has attacked. He is a coward and a racist, a misogynist and also a habitual liar. In all my life I have never seen anyone be so shameless about his hatred of his fellow men and women.
     He is not an American, and he is not my President. I did not vote for him, I hate him. Let me qualify that by saying that it is hard for me to hate, as I was taught to honor the golden rule. But in his case I am willing to make an exception. I can hardly wait for the Congress to honor their commitment to the rule of law and The Constitution and impeach the guy. He has lost my respect and that of every government in the world. He is not worthy of his position and he is not fit to remain President of The United States. I want him gone so that America can be great again for real. He has profited on the backs of every taxpayer in the country.
     Even worse is his policy of violently separating children from their parents and keeping them prisoner in facilities that profit on the misery of others. This is called kidnapping (and in a few cases murder), and yet he continues to do it in the face of every court in the country. I am waiting for someone to call him out for his sins and arrest him. I want to see him escorted from the oval office in handcuffs.
     I expect that even if he gets away with it for now, he will be voted out of office and the next President will have him tried for his many crimes. He can't get away with this travesty of justice. He won't get away. Karma will get him in the end.

7.30.19 Upon looking at the book in process, there are enough films in each year to begin separating the manuscript into 3 pieces. I am publishing 1957 at the beginning of August, while the rest of the decade will be published during August and early September. This will be the new regime for all the Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century books from here on. It is clear that an explosion took place in 1958 which makes it necessary to publish that year alone, so onward with one book for each year. It may be cheaper and better than lumping several years together into a thick volume.

7.21.19 As fate would have it, I am including a button for those who detest PayPal and would rather pay directly by credit card or debit card. In order to accomplish this, I had to push back the publication date of Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1957 - 1959 into August. It's close to the finish, so maybe by August 15. More updates later.

6.14.19 As you can see from the front page, I have eliminated the subpages separating the fiction from the nonfiction. This is to make it easier to navigate throughout the site. Since I last blogged I had to split up the Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1955 - 1959 book into 2 volumes thanks to the sheer mass of films made during the years 1955-56. That volume is published and available. The rest of the decade will be published sometime this month, possibly closer to June 30th at the rate I am going. I am already halfway into 1957, so the rest should go smoothly.

5.21.19 I know. It's late May and I have not finished Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1955 - 1959 yet, but I am getting there. I hope to have it in galley by sometime next week, after the Memorial Day weekend. I have been working on other books in the interim, in order to prepare them for adaptation. I am just too busy these days. More news later. ♦

4.26.19 In an attempt to reorder some of my books on the site, I have renamed some of the files to make them easier to access. Also, contact links have been repaired so that you can contact us when needed. ♦

4.25.19 Imagine my shock when I posted a photo of the first book in my new Legends of The Dragon's Blood book The Path of The Red Dragon on Facebook, only to find that in order to reach the book and author groups I belonged to I must post the news individually to each group. They also wanted me to boost the notice for $10 more per boost than before. Since I reach more people who may be interested for free than if I boost the book posts, I have decided not to use Facebook Ads anymore. Anyone who wants to find out about my books can visit my Antellus page there, or through the groups. I plan to advertise in other ways to save my publishing money for publishing. As it is I have managed to avoid extra charges for advertising on other sites.
     Meanwhile I have had to push back publication of my SF Film book to May thanks to a series of rearrangements to this site and taking care of other publishing business. I hope to publish before then. ♦

4.10.19 Work on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1955 - 1959 is in progress and I anticipate publishing it by Friday of next week if not sooner.
     I should explain about the ebooks from these titles. It appears that the major booksellers are rejecting ebooks which contain "public domain" material which are "freely available" on the internet. As a matter of fact, I only use that material as a skeleton to help me write the essays. I often have to edit the notes to make them updated or grammatically correct, so it is mostly original material going into the books. Since these booksellers reject them automatically, the ebooks are still available from me, and I consider it their loss. If you prefer some other format than what are presented for sale, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. Please note that you cannot import .mobi formatted ebooks into your Kindle devices. It's not my choice, it is Amazon's. But I can set up .rtf or other formats.
      I am considering taking the series of fiction novels about alien vampires and setting them up in a series though I don't really want to. I would prefer that readers choose among them individually without any obligation to purchase more. I am also considering spitting up more of the longer novels into shorter lengths. Comments on this are welcome. ♦

4.05.19 Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1950 - 1954 is published! After coming halfway through the 1950s, the book stood at 300 pages, so I split it. The last half of the decade will be published soon. ♦

4.02.19 Upon further examination of the complaints against Amazon which were not resolved to customers' satisfaction, I have concluded that Amazon is not the best site to sell books from, nor indeed any other product. I read many complaints about their customer service, which is shockingly poor to nonexistent, their draconian decisions about customer accounts, and their seeming inability to provide evidence for their decisions. Their contract is a nightmare to deal with. They claim the exclusive right to follow through on their decisions without recourse for the customer. They reserve the right to deny any person or company the "privilege" (yes, that's what they say) to open an account or maintain it. They have closed accounts altogether without explanation as to why. They responded to customer complaints with these statements and deemed the matters closed without even waiting for the customer to respond. They have eliminated both email and phone support in order to force customers to contact them through their site or an app. Once the forms are filled out and sent, the staff then sit on the matters for weeks to months.
     For me, I am glad I got out when I did. I have managed to avoid the chaos of dealing with Amazon further, and I have never bought anything from Amazon. If I need something I go straight to the source, like they do, and often find the item for a far lower price and better shipping, which is fast and error free. If I have a complaint against the vendor I can contact them by email or phone, which is much better than Amazon's program of leaving customers in the dark.
     I am not calling for a boycott of Amazon because quite frankly they are not worth the effort. If you don't want to shop with them, don't. It's as simple as that. ♦

4.01.19 Imagine my shock when I found out that several romance writers are up in arms against Amazon, claiming that plagiarists have invaded their space and flooded the romance genre with books which copy their words almost word for word; and use Amazon's KDP Unlimited program to gain read money, often overtaking the legitimate authors' read money. Since I have never enrolled my books in this program, and since I never earned any money in royalties from Amazon since December of 2018, I pulled my ebooks from KDP altogether just last month.
     This development is a sign of Amazon's failure to understand the problem. Since Amazon started selling books it hummed along thinking that it is the largest bookseller on the planet, little realizing that along with presenting books for sale it must monitor the plagiarism going on in all categories. That the romance writers are taking action against the plagiarists shows that Amazon has not taken any part in regulating the programs it hosts.
     One a couple of occasions I myself have encountered messages from Amazon about violating copyrights of others, who made false claims. All of my work is by myself. I never copied entire passages from other books in order to create books of my own. Besides, my stories are unique and different, written in my voice and idiom. I think only one has a romantic premise.
     If you will go back in time for a few moments, Amazon has not performed terribly well as a marketplace since day one. It has ever been their aim to make money from the sale of whatever commodity they choose to host on their website, for a lower price than other sites; so low that many sellers have dropped out rather than continue to sell on the giant. Amazon's overbloated carcass of a catalog is choked with items which they sell themselves, competing against the very merchants which keep it alive. It seems to me that Amazon needs to be broken up into parts which focus on the type of commodity rather than group them all together into a lump of chaos. My two cents, for what it's worth. ♦

3.27.19 Being a long time Star Trek fan, I checked up on a video development I found a couple of years ago. It has since been finished and is up on several sites. The video is now titled Prelude To Axanar, which is a presentation of the UFP Library in association with Memory Alpha. It is an amazing short discussion of the battle of Axanar told by several veterans of the conflict, portrayed by several actors who played characters in the Star Trek franchise when it was owned by Paramount. It is lush with imagery and narrative, and has won several different awards for excellence. I invite you to view this video, then look at the project which is next on their roster: Axanar itself. The producers are looking for donations to help fulfill their project since they cannot present their work for sale anywhere, thanks to CBS. While this is a fan project it has all the quality and production values of a professional work. They are setting up a payment method now, but it has not been completed yet. To find out more about Axanar, visit their website. ♦

3.26.19 This day marks the addition of a new blog to the site. I saw that most of my commentary would be necessary to inform customers about new developments, and also to assure them that we're not going anywhere. Today also marks our 12th anniversary of online presence since our establishment in 2007.
     Today I finally unpublished my ebooks on KDP (Amazon) and said goodbye to Amazon for sales. As it was, I could not pubish my nonfiction ebooks on KDP in the first place, seeing as they had a poor view of nonfiction in general. Apparently information in the books which were deemed to be in "public domain" led the admins to block their posting to Amazon. As a result, I unpublished all the nonfiction books, including those that got through, as soon as they notified me of the first blockage. Now I have removed the fiction books as well, after waiting 2 months for some sign of sales. I suspect that KDP found a way to block them even if they each had a page on the overbloated site. In any case, my ebooks are available from most of the other major ebooksellers but Amazon. It's not my fault, it is Amazon's. I recommend that you look for good reading here, since the giant seller has already cheated the public in many ways.
     Meanwhile, work on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: The 1950s proceeds apace and I hope to have it published by the 31st if not sooner. ♦

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