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ISBN 978-1-938752-12-4,
6x9 paperback TBD

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Swords of The Dragon's Blood An epic novel of historical adventure, travel, swords and alien vampires and the sequel to A Journey Written In Blood. In the 17th century, Alexander Corvina and his fullblood father Lucien Arkanon continue their trek toward France, and save the French ambassador to Bohemia from an ambush on the road. Worse, the ambassador and his party are pursued by a mysterious cadre of men who cannot speak, suggesting that there is a plot afoot against the crown. As a reward for their heroics, King Louis XIV gives them positions in his court. Alex becomes an instructor of the sword in the royal fencing academy, and Lucien the stablemaster of the royal stables in Rouen. Thus separated by mere distance alone, each of them must learn what it means to be French in their own way. A stand alone novel in the Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series. ♦

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