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ISBN 978-1-938752-76-6,
328 pages, 6x9 paperback.
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Destiny's Forge An epic novel of science fiction adventure, space opera and alien vampires. A stranger from another planet, Antonia Bellero, is headed to Earth on a quest to find an ancient enemy of the state who has been condemned on her world. Her ship is disabled by a meteor and she crash lands on a remote backwater planet. She winds up serving on the military starship Destiny's Forge, where the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage, and becomes a valuable member of the crew. Her course is changed by destiny when she meets a rich industrialist calling himself Julian Bridge, who is not what he seems to be. Antonia soon learns that the fate of two worlds has been placed in her hands. A stand alone novel in the Heirs of The Dragon's Blood series. ♦

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