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A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS - A Practical Guide to Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi - A Modern Translation For the 21st Century Compiled and Illustrated by Theresa M. Moore. A retanslation of the master work on strategy with principles which can be applied to the battlefield, gaming, and the boardroom, as written by the master ronin and kensei (sword saint) Miyamoto Musashi. It includes a biography of Musashi and essays on history and the martial arts traditions of Japan; art by the author as well as art by Musashi, and a full color gallery by Japanese artists celebrating his life and work. ♦

About The Book I embarked on an exploration of Japan and its customs, the lore of the samurai, and about warcraft at an early age. Though I never had time to learn Japanese, I was able to appreciate the films and art which came out of the culture when they were subtitled or dubbed into English. I became curious about Miyamoto Musashi when I saw a translation of the work in the 1970's. In the 21st century I realized that a revival of the books Musashi wrote was in order. His flowery and somewhat redundant phraseology led me to believe that more people would read his work if it was simplified to the core of his philosophy. And so I went about writing a book which would cover the most important aspects of Japanese traditions and art, while presenting what I think is the basis of military strategy by the most famous and revered swordsman in Japan.

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