Beyond Mars In 2069 Jonathan Kraine is an archaeologist on a manned mission to the red planet, where a chance discovery changes the mission's focus. Strange events force the survey team to return to Earth. But a deadly accident happens in space, and Jonathan and his new alien friend Andru are the only survivors. What started out as a moment of first contact soon turns into a battle to save the future and destiny of the human race. ♦ Sample

250 pages, 6x9 paperback.
Catalog no. 002
ISBN 978-1-938752-79-7


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About the book: I read over Destiny's Forge and decided that one of my supporting characters had a sketchy past to begin with. I used him to advance the further development of the background of the book and started writing about the Mars colonies. The whole story of human survival in spite of the odds, of the battle between proponents of the expansion into outer space and their opponents, and of the ultimate battle between good and evil. Over the course of the book I integrated two other characters from my cast into the story as assistants to our heroes, and in the process found myself fully involved with developing the rest of the series. On the whole I was actually happier writing this book than I was with Destiny's Forge. In retrospect, the common theme of self-sacrifice and the ideas of transcendence and resurrection ring true in all of them, which means that you really should read all the books to get the full flavor and mystery.


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