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10.16.17 In an effort to improve the appearance and quality of my books, I revised several covers to my fiction books and one nonfiction book. All passed through but one, for some unknown reason, and I have found out that my printer service had some "browser issues" when I called them to complain. Well, I cleared my browser cache and tried again. The revision solidly refused to pass through. After about 10 times in trying I gave up and decided to try again tomorrow. Hopefully they will have fixed their little problems by then. It's not something to panic over; however, the title in question has been a good seller.
     I am going as fast as I can to produce the EPUBs I mentioned in my last entry so that you can have the available option. I think my nonfiction books with pictures will have to be produced as text only, since the software's generic e-ink setter cannot support images. If you want the images anyway, I recommend the PDFs since they are basically digital versions of the print books.
     I have been informed that the deadline for ordering the print books for sale is December 8 in order to arrive by Dec. 24. After that I cannot guarantee delivery on time. I will post the deadline on each product page closer to the date. The ebooks will be available without interruption. Remember that you have to order them for email delivery or I can't send them to you. In theory you can upload them into whatever device you use.
     More news as it happens. ♦

10.11.17 Today marks the introduction of this blog, which it has been pressed upon me that maintaining a blog of some kind on this site would prove beneficial. Since I have been working hard on creating my books and associated products I guess it is incumbent on me to keep my readers informed on recent developments.
     Well, that was an epic fail. Distribution through Bookbaby proved to be a waste of time and money. So I have closed my account and opted to use free open source conversion software to create my epubs. I have put up additional buy buttons for those on the site, and I have not finished doing this yet so please be patient. So far, so good, and I am looking forward to orders since my print books are beginning to pick up in sales.
     I have begun changing some of the books' covers since I gather the reason some are not being sold is because of the covers. Perhaps they were not minimalist enough, because recently I have seen that new books on the market have the simplest, most basic and non-artlike covers I have ever seen. And they have been doing well, apparently, since a few have wound up on the NY Times bestseller list. My nonfiction is doing well; the covers were simple to begin with. But the fiction is another kettle of soup. So changes are in order.
     I have purchased the latest edition of Roxio media processing software so that I can create newer and better videos, and as I change covers I would have to create new videos anyway. The last program I bought, Adobe Premiere Elements 15, did not function as I expected and was too complicated to use. It was as if Adobe built planned obsolescence into the program, and why have to time slides off the timeline? That I will never understand. Anyway, I am pleased with the new software, as all the bugs in the previous version have been ironed out.
     I am still working on Swords of The Dragon's Blood. I am also beginning my research on Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century - The Early Years, which I anticipate will be published in December 2017 or early 2018. So I can't claim to be bored. ♦

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