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12.22.17 This is the last post before the new year. I have improved the front pages somewhat so they are easier to read and navigate. I hope you have a merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, whatever, and I will communicate here after New Year's Day. Be safe and well. ♦

12.17.17 After having rearranged the site, there is a new option. I am giving you the choice of buying the art as a digital download (PDF) or a physical print which can be mailed to you. I hear that many prefer a physical form of the print due to concerns about hacking. I understand, and you may choose whichever one depending on your preference. As for the physical books, due to delays in shipping I cannot guarantee they will get to you timely. I figure for 1-10 business days at a minimum, but that may expand to 15. Sorry about that, I just don't have any control over that. In any case, I hope you have a safe and sane holiday, and I will post again afterward about developments. Thanks. ♦

12.02.17 Reminder: orders of printed books must be made by 12/8 in order to receive delivery by 12/23. After that I can't guarantee your orders will get to you on time. ♦

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