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Antellus® is the official publishing imprint for author Theresa M. Moore, who writes fiction and nonfiction books on a variety of subjects, with emphasis on adventure, science fiction, fantasy, vampire fiction, mythology, philosophy, critical thought, history, and historical fiction. We have been in business since 2006. In June of 2014, registration of our trademark was completed. The imprint appears on every book we publish. Recently, it has come to our attention that certain authors and publishers have used the word "Antellus" in their work. It is certain that these persons have been warned about this. We do not anticipate having to sue them to protect the trademark. If you are not sure about our claim, visit ♦

♦ Our position about ebooks: we offer them for sale on our site.

♦ The author does not give out free reviews or exchange them. She can be found working hard on her books. If you want a review, please go to a free review site where you can find others to read your book and give commentary. ♦

About The Author: she is an author, illustrator and publisher with an avid interest in science fantasy adventure, history, mythology, and science. She has been writing since 1969, when she first met several science fiction and horror authors who were her inspiration. She also writes and publishes nonfiction books on a variety of subjects and genre related topics. To find out more about her books, visit the product pages to get the details about each featured title, to order, or to find it at your favorite book store. ♦

♦ Our Policy About SPAM: We occasionally send out advertising messages about our books. We do not sell watches, toys, video games, pirated videos, or any other product which is not listed on the site. If you received a message in your email box which purports to be from one of our employees, please report it to us. We value our customers' privacy and want this site to be as friendly and secure as possible. ♦

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